basque bali canggu
basque bali canggu
basque bali canggu


Tucked into the North West corner of Spain and extending over the border into France, the cuisine of Euskadi, as it is know to its inhabitants, is dominated by the produce of the ocean represented by the Bay of Biscay and the mountain represented by the beautiful Pyrenees, or Pirineos. With rich fertile soil and a long culinary heritage, it's no wonder the region boasts almosht 40 Michelin starred restaurants! Being only just north of the profince of Rioja, red wines are of a fine calibre.
The local white wine, served high from the bottle to produce a slightly acidic petillance in the glass to accompany fish and crustacea, and cider to accompany the local pintxos, the regional equivalent of tapas providing a morsel of food secured on a roundel of bread by a toothpick.
Here at Echo Beach, with the help of a 'Basque' native Chef, Asier Arroyo, we have re-created some of the timeless classics of this regional cuisine. With a focus on 'Tapas' (small snack like bites to be shared and seasonal, top quality produce, our menu stays true to the rich history of Gastronomy from this remarkable fegion.

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Enjoyed some great tapas at Basque last night. The Mussels, Octopus and Chorizo were good but the Garlic Prawns and homemade sourdough bread were to die for! Lots of good wines to choose from too at reasonable prices . A delicious menu for sharing...grab a mate and go!

Maria Bernadette Jacques, 16oct17

Looks awesome - can’t wait to visit in July

Julia Ormond, 13Jan18

A night worth the flight!

Rod Hutchinson

14 Dec 2017